How to make your Net Work




We are witnessing an enormous, international missionial shift, even greater than the Protestant Reformation.  Dr. James O. Davis, the cofounder of the Billion Soul Network, states, “We are moving from the ‘West going to the Rest’ to the “Best going to the Rest.’”  The new missional mantra of the twenty-first centery is, “Everyone everywhere.”

How To Make Your Net Work is about a faith-filled, bold vision of thousands of key Christian leaders, committed to synergizing their efforts and expertise together to accomplish a goal that is not achievable alone.  As you embark on the journey of reading this remarkable book, you will soon discover new worlds that you did not know existed in the landscape of the global Church.

Dr. Davis has creatively released the eleven steps to tying relational knots for global impact.  How To Make Your Net Work is the result of fifteen years of networking, personally meeting with more than ten-thousand leaders and minister in more than 110 nations.

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