Montae Bryant

Englisamenia (Montae) Bryant is a hard worker, Big thinker, Visionary, Risk-taker, Creative, and Tech Guru are just a few words that can consistently describe Montae Bryant.  A North Carolina native, Montae attended North Carolina State University. She is a member of Greater Vision Worship Center, COGOP in Smithfield, NC, under the leadership of Bishop Michael and Pastor Janice Roseboro. Montae accepted the call into ministry at age 17. She is highly active in her local church and within God’s Kingdom. With 20 years of ministry experience, Montae serves in many areas with the local church and NCCOGOP, including but not limited to:

  • Creative Director; Greater Vision Worship Center, COGOP
  • Youth Pastor; Greater Vision Worship Center, COGOP
  • Pastoral Administrator to Bishop Michael & Pastor Janice Roseboro
  • Instructional Designer and Trainer; COGOP Int’l Leadership Development and Discipleship Ministry
  • First Impressions Team Member (Designer); NC COGOP State Office
  • NCCOGOP State Convention Task Force Team Member

Professionally, Montae is the Technology Analyst at McKinney Ventures, LLC in Durham, NC.  Montae has been designing for 20 years, specializing in graphic design, video production and editing, audio, visual, and lighting production, social media marketing, photography, and church communications. Throughout her design career, Montae has had the opportunity to design for multimillion-dollar companies, brands, and personalities throughout the US, including but not limited to two-time NFL Super Bowl Champion Rod Smith. She firmly believes in the scripture that is unfolding in her life and being made manifest right before her eyes…Proverbs 18:16: A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.


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